In addition to the core real estate activities of property sales and rental, we can assist with the following ancillary services:

Legal Advice

Many of the legal issues associated with property acquisitions or sales in Thailand are very different to those that apply to buyers and sellers in their country of residence. A clear understanding these issues is critical to safely complete your property transaction in Koh Samui. Gained through extensive first-hand experience, we have a good understanding of the legalities and ownership options available. We can offer impartial guidance and advice and also recommend a number of professional local legal firms with whom we have dealt extensively.

Tax Advice

When Thai property is bought or sold by a foreigner the tax considerations can be quite complicated. This is often because, due to the restrictions preventing non-Thai residents from holding the freehold of land in their own name, a Thai company has been used as an ownership structure. We can explain the different options available, for example taking over a Thai company versus transferring a real estate asset out of a company, and offer independent guidance. We can also recommend a professional local accounting and/or legal firm for more in-depth technical advice.

Property Valuation

If you are interested in selling your property, we will be happy to provide an honest valuation based on extensive market experience.

Design/Architecture, Construction and Project Management

Building your own home in Thailand is a complex process which needs to approached methodically with careful planning and the right teams of people involved. It is crucial not to underestimate the scope of the challenge ahead and the costs and commitment involved.

For those with the ambition of building their own Samui holiday home, it can ultimately be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. For those who want to develop property for investment, the financial gains can be substantial. But of course there is a lot more risk involved than buying a completed home or a property from a reputable developer. Especially if you are dealing directly with local builders, the experience can also be stressful and frustrating.

We can help with the whole process from finding suitable land through to realising your goal of getting the finished property you want, within projected timeframes and costs. We have been operating in the Samui real estate market for well over a decade and have seen many successful and failed projects. Though long standing relationships with the most reputable architects, construction and project management companies, we can help you find the best teams required for a successful project.