About Province Krabi and surrounding area

Krabi is considered to be one of the most attractive regions of Thailand. Krabi province has it all and it offers you the most diverse natural beauty, starting from dozen of islands in the Andaman Sea complete with stretches of soft coral sand and surrounded by crystalline waters home of colorful coral reefs. But Krabi’s varied and fascinating province has much more than sea and sand: towering rocky cliffs, caves harboring Buddhist temples, waterfalls, seemingly endless plantations of rubber and oil palm trees, lush and green national parks home to different species of fauna and flora, verdant mangrove forests and inlets are winding their way under soaring cliffs. Countless natural attractions abound, amongst them a shell cemetery, millions of years old. This all has come to symbolize Krabi: the province and surrounding area is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

All this increase the property and real estate business in Krabi. The economics in Krabi are booming and already a lot of land is for sale. More and more foreign investors believe in the economics of new projects in Krabi. Already some are settled and others are growing. Also a lot of particular people are buying a second residence and are already enjoying the charming environment of Krabi. We believe in the great vision of a wonderful place named Krabi.

But just listen to the futuristic and political speeches at the Krabi Town. Tourism industry development in Krabi province wants to emphasize on qualitative rather than quantitative tourism without environmental impacts, and to facilitate an efficient tourist transport network. Facilities and a sense of confidence with regards to safety are important too. Keep security high, and regulate transport services such as longtail-boats and taxis, and have them managed by qualified personnel to cater for tourism. Krabi main marine tourist attractions are the Phi Phi Islands, some world popular diving areas such as the Koh Lanta archipelago, the natural settings of Ao Nang Beach and surrounding area, the Railay peninsula and Talae Wah sandy straight. Furthermore, places of natural beauties such as the Hot springs and Emerald Pool in Klong Thom district continue to attract high numbers of visitorsE Krabi is the place of all-year-round stunning attractions, which include lush jungles and foggy hills home to a high number of extraordinary plants. There are numerous canals with waters as blue as an emerald, like at the Tha Pom site. Krabi also offers visits to an anemone fishery, to the Center of Study for the wildflower ‘Lady SlipperE and an array of culinary places offering local food and fresh seafood for al tastes. During the period between May and October, the so called Green Season, the air is clean and fresh. Tourist numbers falls in this period and there is more opportunity for tourists to travel on a budget. Krabi in Green Season is definitely a haven for travelers without advanced reservation. It is a fact that many Thai people have never visited Krabi in their lives. I would like to invite them to visit just once and to fall in love with Krabi, the emerald province, your paradise on earth.

Pattaya Property

The property market in Pattaya, Thailand's most popular and most developed holiday destination is being driven by its proximity to Bangkok. Huge numbers of people are buying houses and condominium units in Pattaya as first homes, second homes for leisure and relaxation, and also retirement residences. With so much beachfront land available, property development is still in its early stages, with quality properties on sale from as little as £15,000 - £20,000.

Already well known for its high-end quality real estate developments, Pattaya is becoming increasingly popular with international property investors. British investors are currently topping the league for expatriates buying property in Thailand and Pattaya is no exception with UK buyers seeking mainly family homes or condominiums. Many international property investors are also buying property in Pattaya to rent to the growing numbers of tourists who visit the destination resort annually.

Real estate developers constructing luxury towers, quality villa developments within gated communities and residential beach resorts, has fuelled the growth of a secondary commercial property sector. Hence the demand for, and construction of commercial property in Pattaya, particularly in the form of retail space, is increasing steadily. The requirement for amenities, facilities, shops and entertainment from Pattaya’s new property owners and tourists is also rising, resulting in such developments as the Central Department Store, a lifestyle shopping center.

The success of Pattaya’s economy has been unprecedented in Thailand and is heavily reliant on the property and tourism markets; in the past six years alone, both sectors have boomed and many developers have begun construction for property investors and for second home seekers. Pattaya’s forward thinking approach has led to a booming economy and it is the luxury resort that is drawing both the 2007 travel events and large numbers of tourists Pattaya which bodes well for the sustainability of the resorts popularity and success.

The 2007 Pattaya travel events will see tourism industry experts and officials travel to Pattaya for conferences, seminars and conventions - and the fact that Pattaya has been chosen as the host destination for these events is testimony to its success in positioning itself on the world travel scene.

With the newly complete Suvannabhumi Airport, it is expected that tourist figures to Pattaya will continue increasing and demand for quality tourism accommodation will also inevitably increase. This is boosting the property investment potential in this Thai resort and further fuelling demand for properties for sale in Pattaya.

With all these positive indicators highlighting the desirability of Pattaya, the property market in Pattaya is set for a further increase in property sales figures.

How do the opportunities of the Koh Samui real estate market compare to those of Phuket?

Please see the following article, below by Richard Hartigan which is an extract from Samui Property, June 2007 edition, and is reproduced here with the kind permission of its publisher - Siam Map Company Ltd.

Head to head, the real estate battle between Koh Samui and Phuket is hotting up. Samui and Phuket share many things. Both have superb beaches and breathtaking landscapes; both attract international and domestic tourists in droves; both offer a hot tropical climate; and both are geared up to provide memorable experiences of Thailand. But, on the face of things, when comparing Samui with Phuket, there are certain very obvious differences.

Phuket is much bigger than Samui; the road network is far superior; other infrastructure such as water and electricity supplies are more consistent; and the variety of shopping choices is definitely more advanced. But does that make it a better place to live, or invest in real estate?

There are two main reasons why Phuket leads Samui in these areas; longevity and finance. Firstly, Phuket has been established as a tourist destination for longer, the airport has been operating for longer and it has a road link to the mainland making it more easily accessible. The other and most important reason is money. Income generated by Phuket is used to benefit Phuket, whilst, currently, any income made by Samui goes to the Surat Thani province and Samui only gets a share. These factors give Phuket an unquestionable advantage.

However, despite starting later, being harder to access and having a smaller budget, incredibly, Samui has caught up with and even overtaken Phuket as a destination to go for a holiday, live on or to invest in. So, what is it about Samui that enables it to overcome such overwhelming odds?

Well, there are many reasons why many people prefer Samui to Phuket, and vice versa. There seems to be a very definite response when people are asked which place they prefer. And few people appear to have the same feelings for both.

In fact, the things that attract one person to Phuket, or Samui, are the very things that deter them from the other. For example, for some people the wide smooth roads, multi-storey hotels, condominium blocks, sophisticated shopping centres and the quicker paced lifestyle of Phuket offer a far more agreeable and western-style environment in which to live or enjoy their holiday.

However, many others would argue that such factors strip the island of its Thai identity and when you’re there you could actually be anywhere in the world. These people will be far more attracted by Samui’s famous laid-back atmosphere; the friendly locals that are easy to interact with; the stunning beaches that aren’t fringed by sun-blocking, towering buildings; the simplicity of the ring-road that encircles the island; and the very small-island natural feel and ambience that exists here. Even when in the most densely occupied tourist area of Chaweng, it’s always evident that you’re in Thailand. And, as the island is relatively small with vast areas that are, and will remain, undeveloped, you’re never very far from peace and nature.

But let’s not get too carried away. Samui is no backpacking un-westernised, remote escape. Things have moved on and it now boasts better electricity; improved roads; increased water supplies; all the big-name hotel groups; a vastly improved and bigger airport; and shopping that will soon rival that of Phuket. The main difference being that on Samui you get all of this and the small-island atmosphere, to. Also the strict building regulations and zoning laws continue to protect the beauty of the island and prevent the kind of development that could take away its tropical island identity.

Samui is no longer an add-on location for travellers visiting Thailand. For many, it’s their first choice destination. And, considering the limitations in size and accessibility compared to Phuket, Samui is now firmly established as a stand-alone international destination and a formidable adversary of Phuket in terms of attracting tourists and investors.

From a real estate angle all of these aspects will help buyers make their personal decisions. The fact is that Samui is now competing on all levels with Phuket and other South East Asian destinations, and for a growing number it’s definitely top of the list. The reasons are that the build quality of the houses has improved beyond recognition; people know the steps that have been taken to improve the infrastructure; the future potential of the island is not in any doubt, as more major hotel groups and international companies arrive every month. And, with the prospect of Samui attaining city status in the near future, all concerns over the continuing injection of money for improvements will be forgotten.

Prices of land and houses are still cheaper here than in Phuket and, importantly, Samui’s more recent emergence as a major player means that it’s still a work-in-progress which can benefit from previous mistakes made elsewhere. Therefore, the potential for growth is far more likely here than in a relatively completed location, such as Phuket.

Another major deciding factor for investors is that, despite land and houses being more affordable on Samui, the island’s reputation as a top-end destination ensures that the rental returns on a property are actually comparable to similar properties in Phuket. So, if your investment is purely for financial gains, the rental returns figures and well documented capital growth on Samui may well make the decision for you. And the climate can also be a factor in this. Being sheltered in the gulf of Thailand provides Samui with a more consistent year-round temperature and climate than Phuket with less obvious seasonal changes. And, again, this may make your property more attractive to rent all year and therefore increase your return.

Samui has overcome many things to develop its current status as a major worldwide destination. The island’s spirit is strong and the atmosphere totally unique. Having got where it is today the potential is for Samui to progress even further and all the evidence suggests that will be the case.

Both Phuket and Samui have proven themselves in the international areas of tourism and real estate. Only an individual can decide on their personal preferences for each particular island. And, fortunately, there appears to be enough people from all around the world attracted to both destinations to keep everyone happy.

Phuket Property Market

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