Tan Rua Residence - Sea View Pool Villas - Maenam, Koh Samui
Construction Progress - Tan Rua Residence - Sea View Pool Villas - Maenam, Koh Samui

Projected completion timeframe for the project is 3rd quarter 2022.  As of mid April 2021,  Villa A1 is very near completion and construction is well underway on Villa A2.

Plot A1 - 130421
Terrazzo and stonewash.

Plot A1 - 030421
Finish bathrooms and patio doors.

Plot A1 - 290321
Granite rock wall cladding.

Plot A1 - 250321
Install patio doors.

Plot A1 - 220321

Closing gypsum ceilings, painting undercoat, pool tiling.

Plot A1 - 170321
Pool tiling, aluminium C-Line framework for gypsum ceiling.

Plot A1 - 130321
Fit aluminium window frames. Bathroom tiling.

Plot A1 - 080321
Fill the pool with water to test for leaks in preparation for tiling (start this week), lanko skim coat walls in preparation for finishing/aluminum doors and windows (install this week), tile bathrooms.

Plot A1 - 04/03/21
Aircon provision pipes, internal tiling/pool tiles, Traverine stone for pool terrace, aluminum door and window final survey/measure, glass balustrade recessed track, start roof instalation

Plot A1 - 25/02/21 - Rendering, aircon provision, measuring window & door instalation

Plot A1 - 12/02/21 - Rendering in process

Plot A1 - 10/02/21 - Start rendering of walls. Electrical provison/plumbing in place.

Plot A1 - 01/02/21 - Block work, MEP, corner bead & render

Plot A1 - 23/0/21 - Pouring concrete slab roof and curb