Lamai, Koh Samui – Overview and Property Feature
Lamai Beach, serene and tranquil, is located on the south-east coast of Koh Samui. Lamai has long been known a Koh Samui’s second largest tourist hub, behind Chaweng. Lamai Town has a unique atmosphere, largely due to its interesting geography. With the island’s striking mountains pressing close to the ocean, it leaves only a small area of flat land. As a result, the locals generally reside close to the beach. With a largely Buddhist community and a grand monastery, there is also a Muslim community co-habiting in harmony. Visitors to Lamai will feel close to the locals and their culture. Whereas, the local community at Chaweng sits back from the visitors its beach attracts.
The impressive mountain, studded with grand granite boulders, provides onlookers with a breathtaking backdrop from all angles. The mountain is bestrewn with coconut groves, carpeting the mountain from the summit right down to the beach; completing the landscape with perfect finishing touches.
Of course, tourism has changed Lamai rather dramatically. The small wooden bungalows, concealed within the vast groves of palm trees are no longer, replaced by modern resorts. The charming wooden row houses, that formerly served as Lamai’s commercial centre, are a distant memory as Koh Samui has developed into a world-renowned luxury resort destination. This has attracted a large number of more upmarket tourists who are very happy to discover modern conveniences close to their hotel, including shopping, restaurants and bars. But despite the drastic modernisation of Lamai over the decades, the beach remains a tropical paradise.
The south of Lamai has the longest stretch of sand, reaching two kilometres. The beach is broad and deep for the entirety of the two kilometres. The crystal blue waters quickly become considerably deep, ideal for swimmers and water sports. South Lamai is one of the very few beaches on Samui unimpeded by a reef, making it perfect for swimming. There are also captivating granite rock formations to the far south of the beach, providing delightful rock pools, ideal for kids.
The northern stretch of Lamai beach is significantly quieter than the south having only a few restaurants and no tourist village, creating a far more peaceful atmosphere. The shore on the north has a much narrower stretch of sand and shallower waters, than the south. But this is compensated by the abundance of foliage along the beach, bestowing shade  and making the setting perfect for lazy daytime relaxation and an area of sheer beauty.
Being only twenty minutes from the airport and ten minutes from Chaweng, with plenty of nightlife, restaurants and a great beach, Lamai is an ideal destination for tourists, investors and those looking to retire in paradise.