Top tips for buying the prime holiday rental property
With its stunning tropical beaches and luxury lifestyle, owning a property on the gorgeous island of Koh Samui is many people's dream. However, if you are buying a property for the holiday rental market, there are many factors to consider to ensure you maximise on your return on investment. 

Here we will list a few of our top tips that you should look out for whilst searching for your prime holiday rental property. 

1. Fresh, Clean and Modern Design
When searching for a holiday all avid holiday-goers will look for a degree of luxury, because let's face it, a holiday is a treat! A modern contemporary designed holiday home will generally rent well. Go for a fresh, clean and modern design avoiding garish colours.

2. Sea View or Beach Front
When holiday makers come to a tropical island they want to experience the ocean. This might be waking up to the sound of waves crashing or or looking out to the sea over breakfast. Beachfront or sea view properties will therefore command higher rental premiums. The next best thing will be properties with easy access to the beach.

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3. Prime Location
Get to know the island and location before you settle on a property. Make sure that is easily accessible and in a location that has good access to the a range of bars, restaurants, beaches and attractions. Ensure your guests will be able to completely unwind, and relax in a convenient location. 

4. Private Pool
A private pool makes for a great addition to a holiday rental property and a huge selling point. Allow your guests to enjoy the privacy of their own swimming pool and help them cool off from the Koh Samui sunshine in the comfort of their own place. 

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5. Great Amenities
Once you've found the perfect holiday rental property on Koh Samui, you need to think about the amenities you can offer to stay ahead of your competition. Think about offering free WiFi, advice on getting to and from the property, gearing the property up to include all of their entertainment, kitchen and onsite needs, and start to think about the different hints and tips you could offer to help your guests make the most out of their holiday to Koh Samui.

With these points mind, it's hard not to notice that the Ocean 180 development at Bo Phut certainly ticks all the boxes, they have some stunning prime-location sea view villas available each with their own private pool i.e. ideal holiday rental properties!  

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