Choosing the right location for your resort property
So you’ve made the big decision and you are finally going to buy that dream holiday home in Koh Samui. What a great choice – the island is simply bursting with beautiful beaches and golden sands, stunning coral reefs for snorkelling adventures, natural jungle habitats to explore and discover the local wildlife as well as breath-taking mountains where you can trek or simply relax. Factor in the abundance of leisure facilities like golf courses health spas, restaurants and clubs, and you’ll discover that Koh Samui has so much to offer. But, with such a fantastic selection of locations from which to choose, your decision about where to buy your property is not going to be easy. At Real Samui Properties we understand how tricky it is to find your ideal holiday home so here are a few considerations to help you on your way…
  • What do you want from your property? Asking yourself this question will help you make the ultimate decision about where to start looking.
  •  Is the property primarily for you and your family to enjoy, but you need to alleviate the costs by making it a holiday let when you are not using the property?
  •  Are you are searching for a wonderful home to retire to?
  •  Are you a property investor wanting the highest returns from your investment?
  •  Everyone has their own agenda - being honest and realistic about what you want from your property will help you make the right choice.
The ultimate dream of many people is to wake up to a seaview, or be within stepping distance of a golden sandy beach. However, coastal resort property comes at premium prices because many people demand it and there is shortage in supply. Beachfront properties are the most sought after and rarely come on the market, and when they do they are extremely expensive. Properties with fantastic sea views and a space to enjoy the stunning sunsets of Koh Samui are less scarce but still difficult to find, so can be rather pricey too. The good news is that these properties can also command the highest rental rates. You really have to consider how important proximity to the sea is to you personally, and how the seaview could boost your rental potential if you want to seize your dream of buying a coastal property. Fortunately, we cover the entire spectrum of real estate for sale on Koh Samui and always have a wide selection of beachfront and seaview properties for you to view.
What do you want from your property – leisure, business or both? Golf is a serious pleasure for a defined market segment. Koh Samui has everything from a championship golf course to excellent golf clubs with some stunning golf properties nearby. Luxury golf villas usually have a premium price tag as they cater to a well-defined market. However, your golf property should realise the highest rents so maybe you could run your property as a holiday let as well as your own holiday home. If living next to the links is your dream then Real Samui Properties can help you find the right property for you. Marina properties can also demand top prices. The ‘boat set’ are another defined market and whether a luxury, marina villa will make a good rental property depends upon the supply and demand for these kinds of properties. We will listen carefully to what you want from your property, then help you find the property that ticks all of your boxes.
If the seafront, seaview and other premium properties are not within your reach financially then we can help you find a property that you will not only love but will be a great investment - Koh Samui is not just about the beach!  We go out of our way to find properties that have distinguishing features. Just because a place doesn’t have a seaview doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with it. You may discover that views towards the mountains, enjoyed from the luxury of your private pool, brings you much more satisfaction. Equally, a place tucked away in a peaceful setting watching the sunrise over the treetops maybe the retreat you didn’t know you were looking for. What is more, these unique selling points put you in a good position to rent your property at a good rate.
Another consideration to factor into the hunt for your perfect property is proximity. What matters to you when you are on holiday? The chances are, accessing the beach or leisure facilities are not your only priorities. Proximity to transport links, restaurants, shops and entertainment areas are important too. The price of many resort properties are related to their proximity to key facilities and amenities so make sure you know the area where you are buying the property. We will review in a separate article the pros and cons of the different locations within Samui in detail but a majority of the island’s amenities and facilities, including Samui International Airport and the island’s best hospitals, are in the north-east. This is also where a majority of resort property is for sale.
Whether you are looking for a permanent place in the sun to spend your retirement, a holiday home with rental potential, or a property that will generate you the best rental income, we can help with our in-depth market knowledge and diverse property portfolio.